Swarovski EL Field Pro


The EL Field Pro range with its SwaroVision technology, a combination of a field flattener and HD optics, provides an image quality of exceptional resolution. The fluoride containing HD lenses produce a contrast rich image with minimal colour fringing and the enhanced coatings on lenses and prisms in this new EL model provide an increase in image brightness.



The focusing wheel, which is both non-slip and solid, is the ultimate in user-friendliness. Its excellent precision engineering ensures that it operates particularly reliably and accurately.

Swarovski’s desire is to ensure that every detail of the EL binoculars makes viewing an extremely pleasant experience. This is also achieved with the legendary EL wrap-around grip, an original design by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, which is impressive in terms of the unparalleled comfort it provides, even when used for long periods.