Optech Tipod Strap Black



The Tripod Strap incorporates all the weight reduction qualities of OP/TECH USA straps. It provides the perfect carrying vehicle for the busy photographer or outdoor enthusiast. The intelligent design of the adjustment system allows the tripod to be carried with the camera, spotting scope or video camera in place. The versatility of OP/TECH USA’s Tripod Strap enables you to carry a tripod in a horizontal position by your side or in a vertical position against your back. The Tripod Strap combines the patented weight reduction system with OP/TECH USA’s revolutionary Non-Skid Surface.

    Swivel Hook version accommodates tripods with an eyelet on the center post
    Easy to attach and remove with quick disconnects
    Very strong, durable and washable
    Made in the USA

Additional Information
Box Contents: Tripod Strap
Guarantee Period: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Net Weight:
Country of Origin: USA