In Focus has been supporting conservation for several decades. Below are some more details about the charitable organisations we have supported with donations in that time as well as some of the companies we work with that are involved in various conservation activities.

Birdlife International

In Focus is the Birdlife International Species Champion for the critically endangered White-shouldered Ibis. This is what the organisation does (text from

“BirdLife has nine Global Programmes, varying from those which are well-established, to more recently developed ones, each responding to specific conservation issues.

In addition to the Global Programmes there are individual regional programmes. These support the Global and Regional Conservation Programmes to help the Partnership focus and collaborate on common priorities. They provide a framework for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating of our conservation work.”

The global programmes cover such things as:

  • climate change
  • site and habitat creation, preservation and maintenance
  • management of invasive alien species
  • local engagement and empowerment
  • preventing extinctions

More information on the organisation is available here.

The Wildlife Trusts

Over the years, we have worked with a large number of The Wildlife Trusts across the country. Today, we hold field events on sites maintained by Northumberland WT, Durham WT, Yorkshire WT, Sussex WT, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire WT and Hampshire & Isle of Wight WT.

We have a close connection with our local Trust in Hertfordshire and have supported them at various events.


We have run various promotions with leading wildlife holiday and tour company Naturetrek. As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, the company has been working for over a decade to help protect a threatened cloudforest corridor in the Ecuadorian Andes, which has been classified by WWF as one of the 200 most important wildlife corridors in the world.

“Naturetrek operates the largest selection of professionally organised, expert-led wildlife holidays and tours in the world. We’ve been organising specialist wildlife tours for 32 years.

We enjoy taking you to see the world’s special wildlife and places. Staffed by wildlife enthusiasts and dedicated travel professionals, we are passionate about organising outstanding, competitively priced, responsible wildlife experiences around the world. Our programme of holidays includes birdwatching and botanical tours, bear, whale and tiger-watching holidays plus a variety of wildlife-orientated treks, conservation tours and expedition cruises to some of the most spectacular regions on Earth.”

More information about Naturetrek’s holiday tours is available here.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT)

As a Main Sponsor of Birdfair and during our many years as WWT Approved Optics partner we have donated in excess of £1,500,000 to conservation projects. Here’s a summary of what the WWT does (text from

“WWT save critically endangered species from extinction, work with communities around the world who depend on wetlands and inspire people to take care of nature.

Why wetlands? Teeming with biodiversity, wetlands are found all over the world from the mightiest delta to the humblest pond. The conservation of wetlands is crucial as they are amazingly useful for people and wildlife, yet they are seriously threatened.”

More information about becoming a member of WWT is available here.