Opticron MM3 50 Travelscope – Big Scope Features, Small Price!

We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to the Opticron range of travelscopes – the MM3 50 – a small scope that delivers a host of big scope features:

  • Highly effective zoom from wide angle 12x to a properly usable 36x
  • Dual speed focus to pin-point your target bird more easily
  • Comfortable eye placement for spectacle wearers
  • Interchangeable eyepieces including wide angle fixed magnification options
  • Full-body rubber armour covering protects against knocks and bumps
  • Rain and dust proof for piece of mind in any weather
  • Rotating tripod ring for easy scope sharing with your birding partner

The new MM3 50 continues an evolution of the travelscope concept pioneered by Opticron in the early 1990’s with the original Mighty Midget. They are designed and engineered to deliver bright, sharp images with good color contrast and a “large scope” viewing experience.

Constructed from polycarbonate and lightweight alloys, the super-compact optical system creates a body just 20.5cm long and weighing about the same as an 8×32 binocular.

Prices start from just £149.

The MM3 series also includes 60mm models for those that want higher magnification.