GPO Passion HD 10×42 – Binocular of the Year 2019

As awarded by Best Binocular Reviews, the GPO Passion HD 10×42 is their Binocular of the Year 2019. Here’s what the reviewer had to say:

“A relative new player in the premium optics market, German Precision Optics (GPO) has really hit the ground running with their flagship Passion HD Series which are designed in Germany, manufactured in Japan and then 100% quality controlled back at their headquarters in Germany.

I say ‘hit the ground running’ because from my initial research into them, the GPO Passion HD binoculars seem to have all the expertise, important features and components that you expect to find on just about any of the ‘alpha’ level binoculars from the more established premium European brands. Thus if you consider their lower price tag, they certainly do seem to offer both a viable and indeed good value alternative should you be in the market for a premium level instrument.”

The GPO series of binoculars are available to buy in the UK exclusively from In Focus – buy the Passion HD 10×42 here or browse the full range here.

Full details of the review here.